We are Profit First Certified.

Our firm is one of the select few, nationwide, that have received a certification in Profit First. What does this mean for you? We will guide you with the methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business. Of course, we will manage your accounting, do your tax returns and help you with your books – but any accountant can do that. We also provide the most important financial factor – maximizing your profits.


What is Profit First?

Profit First is a simple and yet incredibly effective cash flow strategy that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money-making machine. Written by Mike Michalowicz, the system explains why the GAAP accounting method is contrary to human nature, and traps entrepreneurs in the day to day and check-to-check cycle struggle to survive. You will quickly learn the importance of taking your profit first, without compromising your business, and why the Profit First Formula of Sales – Profit = Expenses actually forces innovation, supports sustained growth and skyrockets profits.

Why Profit First?

As a Certified Profit First Professional, I’ve gone through, and continue to go through, rigorous training to ensure I am up to date on the latest and greatest tools and training available. We have ongoing training, tools, updates, mentors, accountability and support directly through headquarters and I’m surrounded by more than 500 professional accountants, bookkeepers and coaches who are some of the top globally that I am continuously learning from and engaging with.

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Profit First

As Profit First Certified Professionals,
we can help you:

Make profitability a HABIT in your business

Create a business around your life instead of a life around your business

Separate your personal and business finances

Take home more money starting with your next client or deposit

Achieve a quarterly profit distribution rhythm

Erase your debts

Establish an emergency fund for your business

Create a system to pay yourself regularly, even with a seasonal business

Make worrying about taxes a thing of the past

Never miss payroll again

To-do lists that require you to change your behavior have proven to be extremely ineffective.

Our process puts "behavioral guardrails" in place that allow you to achieve your objectives by NOT changing yourself. The result is fluid, comfortable growth and increased profits. Fill out the form below for a free consulting session. No strings attached.


Is your accountant stuck in the old way of just doing the books and filling out your tax forms?  Then we would love to show you what modern accountants do... they help you drive profitability. Fill out the form below for a complimentary consulting session. No strings attached.

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